IDBI Gold Exchange Traded Fund
Creation of Units :
(Date of submission of Application)
NAV As on :    30-Jul-2021 4,473.8945
Gold Value per gram (Excluding GST) 4,836.9935
Cash Component per unit (Excluding GST)* -363.0990
Cash Component per creation unit (Excluding GST)** -363,099.0000

* The difference between NAV and the price of 1 gram of gold may be called cash component.

**One creation unit is equivalent to 1000 units of IDBI Gold ETF. This is available only for Portfolio Deposit (i.e. Physical gold) from Authorized Participant and Large Investors.

Only Authorized Participants and Large Investors may create and redeem units directly with the IDBI Asset Management Ltd (AMC) in creation unit size. Authorized Participants are appointed by the AMC who act as market makers to improve the liquidity of the ETF on the stock exchange. Investors, transacting in less than 1000 units of IDBI Gold ETF are requested to approach NSE and BSE and/ or any other stock exchange as may be decided by the AMC from time to time.

If Cash Component is positive investor has to pay while creation and will receive on redemption.

If Cash Component is negative investor will receive on creation and will pay on redemption.

Transaction charges payable by the investor is per creation request and will be as decided by the AMC at the time of transaction.

This is an indicative amount. Cash component as applicable on the date of purchase / redemption will be collected / paid.