Privacy Terms & Conditions

We welcome all visitors on IDBI Asset Management Limited’s website. We respect your dignity and thank you for the trust you place in us and therefore it is our policy to maintain your privacy. As a part of this responsibility, we will let you know what information we collect, why we collect it and how we use this information for your better experience while you stay on IDBI Asset Management Limited’s website.

  • We collect personal information from our visitor on voluntary basis.
  • We permit only authorized employees of the AMC who are well trained in handling customer information to access the information.
  • We do not disclose customer information to any other organization unless it is warranted as per statutory requirement of any of the regulatory authorities.
  • We keep the information for our internal use only.
  • We maintain our privacy standards and in case of any support taken by any external organization, we make sure that they meet our privacy standards.
  • We collect and use customer information for the business purpose in order that customer may download our product information, order product and take better advantage of features of our website.
  • For the purpose of Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and risk management, we shall exchange our customer information with respective regulatory body.
  • In case of email, you are voluntary sharing your information with us which we can use for direct marketing of our products.

We will attempt to keep customers data complete, up-to-date and accurate and assist them in accessing their information.

“Changes to our privacy policies may be made occasionally. We recommend that visitors to our site review our privacy policies from time to time to learn of new privacy practices and changes to our policies”

By submitting the personal information to us, we will treat you to have given permission to us to use the information as detailed in the policy.